The placenta is for many an after thought or sometimes not even thought of at all, it is seen and treated as medical waste in modern medical and social views, something that is to be expelled and disposed of as soon as baby is born. But, Did you know you can put what happens to your placenta in your birth plan? 

There are many different things that can be done with your placenta other than just discarding it and Emma Mogg and Shelby Malone can help you with some of them. 

Placentophagy – (Plah-sent-oh-fay-gee) the act of mammals eating the placenta of their young postpartum.

We can make this a little more palatable, well a lot more palatable actually. With Encapsulation! 

We will take your placenta and turn it into little pills of power that look just like supplement.

After consuming their placenta, mother have reported:

  • An increase in mood
  • An increase in energy 
  • An increase in enriched breastmilk supply
  • A decrease in Postpartum bleeding 
  • A decrease in Postpartum pain 
  • An increase in Iron levels

Just a general feeling on balance and well-being.

Best of all its completely natural.