What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation or placentophagy is the process of preparing a mother’s placenta, by dehydrating, and grinding into a powder. The powder is placed into vegetable based capsules for the mother to ingest.

What is the Traditional Method?

It is believed that the process of labour and birth leaves a lot of open, empty space, which is considered very yin, or cold. Therefore, one major way to promote healing during the postpartum period is to add yang energy via heat. Raw placenta is considered extremely cold and therefore adding steam the final result is warming and nourishing. Warming herbs such as lemon, ginger and chilli are ONLY added on request and are included during the steaming process. Not included in the capsules. 

What is the Raw Method?

The Raw method is often used for clients who adhere to a raw diet, which is based around the idea that heat destroys vital enzymes in food, Therefore possibly destroying the nutrients and hormones wanted from the placenta in the first place. Some argue that the Raw Method yields a benefit with more hormones and nutrients than the Traditional method. 

What Does Placenta Taste Like?

If you’re having your placenta encapsulated, the dried out placenta is like taking any other herb, fully enclosed in a capsule. Mothers report no taste or aftertaste this way. You are more likely to taste the capsule casing itself than the placenta powder inside.

I’m having a hospital birth, can I keep my placenta? 

  • It is YOUR placenta, not the hospital’s. You can keep it if you wish!
  • Put it in writing – make a note of it in your birth plan, discuss it with your care provider and have them put it in your notes. The hospital should support your decision to consume your placenta and have safe storage options for you (Refrigeration) 
  • Remind hospital staff upon arrival and after baby is born that you want to keep your placenta.
  • Have your partner / birth support person / doula act as your Placenta Minder. Put them in charge of ensuring you get your placenta so you can concentrate on the birth and your new baby instead of worrying where your placenta is.
  • If you are planning on consuming your placenta in any way, it must be stored safely in a  refrigerator or on ice as soon as possible. Within 2 hours post birth so keep in the safe food handling guidelines.  I recommend taking your own small cooler with you and asking the hospital for ice so that it doesn’t have to leave your possession. 

Interested In Having Placenta Encapsulation Or Have More Questions?

If you’d like more information or if you’re wanting Blissful Beyond Birth to encapsulate your placenta, Fill out this contact form & we will reply ASAP.

What if I have an epidural or pain medication during birth?

Having pain medication during labour and delivery is very common and it is safe for you to encapsulate your placenta. 

I’m having Cesarean Section, will this affect my placenta?

A Cesarean section is a variation of a normal birth and it perfectly fine to still encapsulate your placenta

What if the hospital want to take my placenta to pathology for testing?

In the event that your placenta needs to go to pathology, request that only small samples are taken so that you can have the rest. If you are going to practice placentophagy, it is important that your placenta doesn’t come into contact with any formaldehyde, preservatives etc Your placenta will be stored safely until test results have returned and it is cleared to encapsulate. 

Baby has passed meconium during birth, can I still encapsulate?

Baby passing meconium is a variation of normal and you can still encapsulate your placenta. We recommend that you choose the Traditional (Steamed) Method. 

What is a Placenta Tincture?

A Placenta tincture is a small piece of raw placenta chopped up into tiny pieces and added to 80 proof alcohol like vodka for 6 weeks. After this time the tincture is filtered and returned to you to consume orally as needed. 
I recommend 5 to 10 drops.

Mothers have reported Placenta tinctures aiding symptoms of PMS, times of stress or trauma, low mood or low energy, even transition into Menopause.

What is a blood print?

We use high quality watercolour paper and lay it directly onto the placenta to create a detailed print of what your placenta looked like and it size. 

What is a cord keepsake?

The Umbilical cord that is left attached to your placenta will be removed and positioned in a lovely shape or symbol, then dehydrated. Umbilical cords keepsakes are beautiful and you can usually see the vessels inside.

But I’m a vegan, can I still encapsulate my placenta to consume it?

This is totally up to the individual, things to take into consideration are;

No animal was harmed to produce your placenta

You can gain permission to consume your placenta 

The capsules I use are vegetable based