About Us

Hi I’m Emma

I am a self confessed placenta nerd A certified Placenta Arts Specialist with Association of Placenta Preparation Arts, a non-diagnostic ultrasound technician and owner of Miracle of Life Toowoomba and an Accredited DNA Jewellery Artisan.

Im a mum of three boys and one girl and married to a very supportive and fun man who I met in our home town of Roma Queensland 18 years ago. 

We have lived in beautiful Toowoomba for over 10 years now, we even purchased our own little slice of 11 acres so we are here to stay. 

My placenta journey started with the pregnancy of our fourth child, having perinatal depression during this time was a very scary and lonely feeling and I have been no stranger to postpartum depression in the past so I wanted to find something as natural and effective as possible. 

I came across an article about Placenta Encapsulation and the reported benefits and I instantly knew this was what I was going to do. 

Our little man’s birth wasn’t quite to plan, we had a placental abruption (the placenta comes away from the uterus too soon, before birth) I lost a significant amount of blood and was borderline needing a transfusion. Luckily both myself and baby were fine with our great birth team looking after us. 

From my personal experience of placenta encapsulation, I regained my hemoglobin levels back to normal range within 5 week with only my placenta. 

When I realised I had not had any after birth pains, had ample milk for tandem feeding my toddler and newborn and I felt completely balanced and energised I knew I had to offer this to as many mums as I could. 

So with the birth of my last baby, came


Blissful Beyond Birth

Hi I’m Shelby

I might start with how I met Emma and how we ended up where we are now.

When I was a student Registered Nurse I also worked part time at a cafe and for an obstetrician as a medical receptionist. This is where I met Emma and her husband when they were due to have their third baby. Em and I chatted and got along quite well but do you think I could believe my luck when she asked me to be present when she birthed her 4th baby?!?! JACKPOT! This was the first birth I’d seen and maybe the most exciting thing I’d ever been asked to do. As you read in Em’s story her birth was a little hectic and had us all in tears by the end of it. The next day when I’d popped in to visit her and bub her “crazy placenta lady” was there delivery her capsules. Boy were we intrigued.

Fast forward a few years, I have been a Registered Nurse for over 3 years and I am halfway through my midwifery degree thanks to Em and her family opening my eyes to this amazing profession. My second degree is currently on hold as I am on maternity leave. My own gorgeous little man was born via emergency c/section in February, 2019. Thanks to my gorgeous fiancé and partner of 5 years, who in November this year we are getting married! I will finally get to share a last name with my two boys and the most beautiful in laws I could ever ask for. This is where Emma pops back into my life again. Ever since Em started Blissful Beyond Birth she always said she would do my placenta for free to thank me for being their for her birth! (Crazy right, I should be the one thanking her for where I am today).

From my personal experience placenta encapsulation has enhanced my milk supply – despite bub having a severe lip and tongue tie (now lasered but normally would inhibit supply) I have had an abundance of milk and have been able to donate to TWO gorgeous mummas and their babes and approximately over 20L in 3 months. I recovered super well from my c/section with minimal pain and many mums were commenting on how well I was doing. My haemoglobin returned to above normal levels despite a postpartum haemorrhage and only using my placenta capsules. I feel hormonally I have been fairly balanced with no signs of depression (my H2B May argue otherwise regarding the mood swings and tears).

So as you can see, I was fully aboard the placenta encapsulation train from my own results. I was showing all my friends my stuff, posting on social media and recommending Emma to all my expecting friends. Little did I know there was more Emma was going to do to influence my life. As one of Emma’s other businesses is helping “mumpreneurs” I asked her for help with some kind of “side hussle” so I could stay home longer with my babe and contribute to the household whilst hopefully taking some pressure off my H2B. We tossed around a few ideas and here we are! Em is teaching me everything she knows about placentas and I’m doing my APPA certification and I couldn’t be happier (not sure about Em haha).