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Instagram Post

What an incredible image. Just to think of how truely amazing our bodies are @togetherinbirth
T H A N K • Y O U @vbmaternitywellnessllc for this incredible visual @vbmaternitywellnessllc with @get_repost
Education is incredible. Visuals are heaven!😆 They truly give you a better grasp on a concept. This is an adult uterus. It grows up to 3x its original during menstruation. “When your baby reaches full term, your uterus will be bigger than five times its original size with a capacity of 500 times more than before you conceived. It’ll be 15 times heavier on its own without the baby and the placenta. After you give birth, the uterus immediately starts contracting to shrink itself. One week after delivery it’ll weigh about 1.5 pounds but two weeks after birth it’ll be down to 11 ounces. By the six week after pregnancy it’ll be back to its pre-pregnancy weight of 2.5 ounces.” Isn’t that incredible! 😲 Such a small organ that literally populates the world

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