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Instagram Post

Real-ness!! My youngest has a comfort thing where he rubs his ‘ruggy’ my Kmart cardie between it’s fingers or rubs his face, or when he is really upset I have to cup his ears to calm him. But this morning after being told not to pick up the ‘outside ants’ (Green ants) he pick one up anyway and is now not a happy boy. So I look down to see him pinching my boob skin 🤔 I couldn’t really feel it but it comforted him while we cuddle and learn about dinosaurs. Got me thinking…I am yet to see a post on social media about all that extra boob skin we get from our journeys. I have breastfed 4 children for a collective total of almost 8 years and been pregnant 8 times. I am not fit, and I’m about a size 16. I have a healthy body image so I’m quite comfortable with how I look. Still this boob skin had me wondering why no one talks about it or probably more accurately did I miss a boob skin post somewhere?

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